Aifluo® MQ

Silicone MQ resin is formedby a branched, cage-like oligosiloxane, in which the core is composed by siloxane monomeric unit SiO4/2 (called Q) and outer layer is composed by non reactive substituents such as Me3SiO (called M). Silicone MQ resin is available in form of white powders or flakes. Besides containing Si-OH, the resin may contain other functional groups. The resin in which all the non reactive substituents are methyl groups is Me-Silicone MQ resin.The resin in which partial methyl groups in the end are substituted by vinyl groups is Vi-Silicone MQ resin,and by Me2HSiO-group is H-Silicone MQ resin. By the special molecular structure, silicone MQ resins are liable to solving in organic solvents such as toluene and xylene, and to be endowed with good physical properties, insulation property, moisture resistance and high & low temperature resistance. One of the most important applications of Me-Silicone MQ resin is for reinforcing filler of silicone pressure sensitive adhesives. It's also used as additives of protective coatings for scratch resistance and insulation resistance releasing agents deformers releasing modifiers, etc. Vi-Silicone MQ resin is mainly used as reinforcing filler of electronic pouring sealants, LED encapsulation, solar panel silicone sealants and addition cure LSRHTV and RTV. H-Silicone MQ resin is used as crosslinking agent of addition cure silicone rubbers and resins. Our main products are Me-silicone MQ resin and Vi-silicone MQ resin, as well as solvent free type Me-silicone MQ resins (cosmetic grade), where the M:Q ratio is 0.8~1.0. H-silicone MQ resin and Ph-silicone MQ resin are also available to order.

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