It is an anionic perfluoropolyether carboxylic acid based surfactant

It is an environment-friendly fluorine-containing surfactant to replace perfluorooctanoic acid

It has solved the persistent ecological environment damage and public health and safety problems caused by PFOA for more than 60 years, and won the 22nd "China Patent Excellence Award" in 2021

It is a powerful wetting agent, which dramatically reduces surface tension, even at very low concentration in aqueous media. Further, this material is stable in harsh chemical environments, produces foam in aqueous and acidic systems, and shows remarkable synergies in mixed surfactant systems. Due to the sulfonate end group, it is not recommended in hard water applications containing multivalent ions. Borflon® FSA complies with the relevant environmental regulations of EU and America, free of PFOA or PFOS.

Borflon ® FSA is mainly divided into FSA 3000 series/FSA 6000 series/FSA 7000 series/FSA 8000 series, and the corresponding downstream fluoropolymer is FKM/PTFE/FEP/PVDF

FSA Product Manager--Zhao Zhang

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